Nurse Notes


Deciding when to keep a child at home from school is not always easy. It is important for children to attend school; but when a child is truly sick, they need to stay home in the care of an adult to get well an to prevent spreading illness to others. Click on the link below to help you decide when to keep your child at home:

  • Keeping Children Home Due to Illness


Immunizations give your child the best protection when they start school. Colorado law requires that all children attending preschool be vaccinated to prevent vaccine preventable disease. We work hard to make sure your child has all the required vaccines. Your help in providing updated immunization records is greatly appreciated. Click Here to see the Immunization Doses Required.

Failure to meet Colorado immunization law within 14 days will result in suspension from school until there is compliance with the law. A child may be exempted from immunizations with a physician's medical recommendation or a written statement signed by the parent or guardian stating opposition based on religious or personal beliefs.

Kid's Clinic at Crawford

Kid's Clinic is a School Based Health Center located at Crawford Elementary School. The services are available to students attending the following schools: Boston, Crawford, Fletcher, Fulton, Kenton, Peoria, Montview, Paris, and Jamaica CDC. Insurance is accepted (Medicaid, CHP+ and private insurance).If the student has no insurance, a $2.00 fee is charged for each medical visit.

For more information about the Kid's Clinic or to make an appointment call 720-837-4761. You can also view the Kid's Clinic Flyer to check out the available services.

Your child’s health is very important to us. Please feel free to stop by the health office and talk to one of our school nurses or contact them by phone at 303-400-0863.